5 Sustainable Fashion Facts You Will Want To Know

9th October, 2020   |   How To...Guides

Producing sustainable and long lasting clothing is our mission here at Converted Closet. We want to present some jaw dropping facts to you with the hope that we can all make our world more sustainable.

These were taken from the World Resources Institute, the Ellen MacArthur foundation and our own Converted Closet Analytics.

  1. The annual value of clothing discarded is more than $400 billion worth.
  2. It takes 2,700 liters of water to make 1 cotton shirt (enough water for a person to drink everyday for the next 2.5 years).
  3. One single pair of jeans emits enough greenhouse gases to power a car for 80 miles.
  4. One full garbage truck of clothes is either burned or landfilled every single second.
  5. The average purchase of clothes each year, if compared in miles (3,338 mi) is equivalent to driving from London to Timbuktu.

Fast fashion only speeds this process up, leaving us with more clothes than we could ever imagine. At Converted Closet, we are all about showing you exactly how to create exciting, fresh, newness out of the clothes you already own or thrift, so they can be worn for longer and loved even more.

What can you do to help? Send us pictures of your pieces to convert, tag us on sustainable designers posts – we LOVE working with creatives with the same passion for sustainable fashion as us!

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