About Converted Closet

I’m Kate McGuire and I set up Converted Closet to show you how to convert and style your neglected clothes into incredible ‘new’ pieces without breaking the bank or threading a needle (unless you want to!). It’s cool, it’s creative and it’s sustainable. This isn’t upcycling – this is SUPERCYCLING!

Supercycle (verb)
/s(j)u:pe saikl/
To alter an item of clothing in order to enhance the style and create a bespoke, flattering fit.

Did you know most of us only wear 20% of the clothes in our wardrobes? And yet we’re still going out and buying new. In fact, in the UK alone we buy 38 million items of new clothing EVERY WEEK.  That’s bonkers.

Supercycling our clothes is something we can all do, we are ALL creative. We just need a bit of inspiration (hello!) and someone handy with a sewing machine (try your local dry cleaners). Through videos, podcasts, style hacks and How To… Guides I demystify the process of converting clothes, helping you to unleash your inner designer and supercycle your closet.

Pretty much everything can be made bigger, smaller, longer or shorter to make it fit and flatter us perfectly. As our style evolves and our body shapes change we can keep updating and altering our wardrobes. We don’t have to lose weight to fit into a skirt, we can make it fit us!

This is not just about us though. Fashion is the second biggest environmental threat after oil and the humanitarian issues are well documented. Becoming conscious of how clothes are made, by whom and where they eventually end up is essential to bringing about a more sustainable fashion industry. 

Converting our clothes and buying sustainably is something we can all do right now to make ourselves, and the planet, look fabulous.


I’m passionate about making it easier for us all to dress stylishly with a clear conscience. Follow me on instagram, sign up for blog alerts (below) and subscribe to my Converted Closet YouTube channel.

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