About Converted Closet

Converted Closet is a brand-new approach to making exquisite, sustainable fashion. Converting clothes already in existence creates the best type of fashion—fully sustainable and original. Conversion is a solution to one of the fashion industry’s biggest environmental issues: waste, and given our insatiable appetite for fashion, it’s a solution that means we can have the best of both worlds.

Conversion is accessible and inclusive; it is about redesigning clothes to reflect our own personal style, where even a small change can have a radical affect. It’s about refashioning garments to adapt them to our shape, size, gender or ability, creating truly bespoke luxury fashion. Instead of buying new, we are actively putting less strain on our natural world, and actually helping to regenerate it. Conversion makes us all sustainable fashion activists and truly ‘fashion conscious’.

Converted Closet was founded by Kate McGuire, conversion designer, entrepreneur and activist for the sustainable fashion movement.

Formerly an established headhunter in London, Kate has been converting clothes to satisfy her inner designer since her teens. After watching the groundbreaking documentary ‘The True Cost’ exposing the environmental impact of fast fashion, Kate realised she could use her passion for converting clothes to inspire others to convert neglected garments into incredible ‘new’ unique fashion with zero impact to the planet.

“We buy too much, wear it too little and then throw it away.  But actually, there is no ‘away’.” 

Kate qualified in Sustainability Business Management at Cambridge University, is currently writing a “How to Convert” book, has made films for the likes of Fashion Revolution to help spread the word, and has developed the concept for a new type of e-commerce platform.

“When sustainability becomes commercial, it becomes the norm.” 

She is leading the Conversion Movement, demystifying the process of converting clothes and empowering her loyal social media followers to unleash their inner designer. As most of us only wear 20% of our clothes, the conversion potential in all our wardrobes is huge. With the demand for sustainable fashion continuing to explode, charity shops overloaded and the second-hand luxury market booming, Kate’s clothing conversions inspire us to resize and refashion what’s already in existence—the ultimate alternative to buying new.

Converted Closet inspires us to dress sustainably without sacrificing style; bringing new life to old clothes and tackling climate change, creating a regenerative solution to help counteract the environmental impact caused by the fashion industry—what’s not to love?

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