About Converted Closet

Converted Closet (@convertedcloset) was set up in 2016 by leading Refashion Designer Kate McGuire, as a platform for showcasing her ‘converted couture’ designs, and inspiring us all to convert our own clothes.

“‘Converting’ is design-led upcycling. It’s about altering the fit and enhancing the style to be uniquely YOU,” says Kate. “When you convert a garment, you can’t help but look and feel your very best whenever you wear it. And the best bit? Anyone can do it.”  

Through Converted Closet, Kate shares her ‘before and after’ videos, demystifies her couture designs and shares her upcycling secrets. She shows us how to see the hidden potential in our own clothes and empowers us to try upcycling for ourselves (and use a seamstress if we can’t sew).

Upcycling has come of age and is now on a meteoric trajectory to become the biggest global fashion movement seen for decades. “For every garment you convert, that’s one less going into landfill, one less ‘new’ purchase needed and one unique outfit you’re going to feel and look fabulous in,” says Kate. “What could be better than that?”

Welcome to the Refashionista Revolution. Together we can bring about the sustainable fashion world we all want, one converted closet at a time.

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