About Kate McGuire

I’m Kate McGuire and I’m passionate about sustainable fashion. I’ve been converting my clothes for years and thought everyone else was at it too. When I discovered they weren’t, Converted Closet was born.

My love of converting clothes started in my early teens when my weight began yo-yo’ing uncomfortably from a size 8 up to a size 16 and back again (repeatedly). It was fashion that helped me on my journey to self-acceptance.

I began converting and styling clothes to fit, flatter and express myself, exactly as I was. Nothing was off-limits. I turned my dad’s shirt into a dress, green tights into a belt, even my school tie got a conversion. Pretty soon I found myself doing full blown remodelling. Converting clothes became my passion.

After university and a corporate career in the City I took a family-focussed career break and discovered the environmental and ethical issues surrounding the fashion industry. It shocked me to the core. I realised that my lifelong obsession for breathing stylish new life into neglected clothes could become a huge part of the sustainable solution.

Converted Closet is my way of helping to raise awareness and show how to navigate the new world of stylish, sustainable fashion. Together we’re reconnecting with our clothes and bringing about a more ‘fashion conscious’ world. What could be more exciting than that?

I want to make it easier for us all to dress stylishly with a clear conscience. Follow me on instagram, sign up for blog alerts (below) and subscribe to my Converted Closet YouTube channel.

Let’s get converting!

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