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16th September, 2020   |   How To...Guides


I’m super-excited to release the first ever Converted Closet pattern so you can turn an old dress into a ‘new’ jumpsuit with a matching skinny scarf! It’s easy to make, sassy to wear and you’ll feel absolutely fabulous. Guaranteed.

My Love of Jumpsuits

If you’ve followed me for a while, you’ll know how much I love a jumpsuit. To me, it’s a more sporty daytime look than wearing a dress and brings an edge to evenings out. Yes, the bathroom price is high but the love is stronger. 

My Jumpsuit Conversion 

As soon as I clapped eyes on this dress I could see a jumpsuit at the end of the rainbow.  

I found it in a thrift shop in Rome and fell in love with the fabric but it needed dragging out of the 70s and given a sprinkling of conversion fairy dust. It was the perfect dress conversion because there was plenty of fabric, I liked the general shape of it and I knew I’d wear it over and over again as a jumpsuit.

I started with the top, making sure it fitted me perfectly across the shoulders, bodice and sleeves. I turned the skirt into trousers and finished them off by threading fabric through the ankles so they can either be cinched in or worn loose. Plus an obligatory matching skinny scarf which can double up as a belt, a hair band or even a wrist band (love a matchy-matchy look).

Choosing the Right Dress

Start by rummaging in your wardrobe (or anyone else’s) to find your jumpsuit-in-waiting. Look for a dress you rarely wear, made of fabric you love with a big, long gathered skirt so you have plenty of fabric to play with. If you’re going for shorts, a midi would be fine.

The fuller the skirt, the more choices you’ll have when it comes to deciding on the style of trouser. My best advice is to work with the dress and plan your conversion around the fabric that’s there. Using the elements you love from what you’ve got is all part of the fun. 

The Jumpsuit Pattern

I often have people asking me about my jumpsuit collection so when Rebecca Page and her fabulous sewing pattern company suggested a collaboration I jumped at the chance.

We turned my jumpsuit into a Real Life Pattern so now you can make your own and even adapt to your favourite style – shorts, culottes, three-quarter or full-length trousers, whatever you like.  There are plenty of sleeve options too and a pattern for the skinny belt/scarf. What’s not to love?

The pattern is straightforward and designed to be manageable for beginners with some sewing experience. 

Can’t Sew?

Don’t worry – just take your old dress and the pattern to a dressmaker and let them do the honours for you. 

There’s not much that makes me happier than knowing your neglected dresses are being transformed into fabulous, modern jumpsuits that you’ll love wearing again and again.

Good luck and you must tag me on instagram @convertedcloset  or share in my Facebook group so I can see your before and after photos. Can’t wait!

Buy the Jumpsuit Pattern Here! 



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