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26th November, 2018   |   How To...Guides

Watch as I explore one of London’s uber-cool sustainable fashion events and discover eco-fashion pioneers, a sustainable shoe brand and an incredible fashion rental service.

Wear the Walk – eco-chic rental service

When I came across Wear The Walk I almost started hyperventilating. Their ingenious fashion rental service adds an extra 1,500 of the coolest eco-chic straight into your wardrobe, overnight.

In a world where fashion is having a negative impact on the environment and its’ workers, we need sustainable alternatives. Wear the Walk is RIGHT up there as one of my top tips.

Founder Zoe Partridge’s collection is full of fabulous, high-end fashion made by sustainable designers. You can rent things as a one-off or subscribe from only £60 a month. For the price of one high street dress, we could all be wearing the latest runway look every day. HELLO!!

I’m a total convert, look out for me wearing their clothes!

Po-zu – sustainable and ethical shoes

Po-zu is a sustainable and ethical shoe brand founded by Sven Segal.  He’s a man with a passion for coconuts. As well as pineapple, cork and other natural materials that he magically turns into shoes. Who wouldn’t want to wear shoes that are good for your feet, planet-friendly and created by workers in an ethical supply chain?

These epic, limited edition Star Wars high-tops caught my beady eye. They’re vegan and made from Pinnatex (a pineapple leaf leather alternative) combined with silver woven linen. They’re only making 1,000 of these, each with a unique number stamped on the tongue.  I’m feeling the sustainable force…

More sustainable fashion…

Follow me as I blog from ‘Behind the rails‘ and discover the incredible world of sustainable fashion.

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The quote of the day for me was from Caryn Franklin, Stylist and Professor of Diversity in Fashion, who said “Do what you can and don’t punish yourself for not being able to do it all.” I couldn’t agree more. What do you think?

Do you dress sustainably? Leave me a comment below and share your top tips for being ‘fashion conscious’ – we’re all in this together!

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