Episode 5: Converted Closet supercycles Givenchy into two outfits

3rd April, 2019   |   How To...Guides

In Episode 5 of Converted Closet I supercycle Eleanor’s vintage Givenchy into contemporary separates.

The outfit – before

Eleanor bought the 1980s Givenchy outfit in a vintage market because she loved the colours but the chiffon pleated skirt, batwing transparent top and matching cummerbund swamped her. It was sitting unworn in her wardrobe – the perfect conversion outfit!

We decided it was better to make them work as separates so Eleanor can mix and match them with other clothes in her wardrobe and get maximum wear out of them.

The conversion

  • We changed the neckline into a deep ‘V’ to show off the cleavage
  • The sleeves were too baggy and bulky so we reduced the volume whilst retaining the shape and added elastic around the cuff.
  • The skirt was a great length but the pleats were adding volume so we took it in to make the pleats lie flat.
  • We made a skinny scarf out of the belt.

The outfit – after

By creating items to be worn as separates we created fresh new wardrobe potential for Eleanor.

The top had now lost it’s bulk. The floaty sleeves could be pushed up to reveal Eleanor’s wrists – super-flattering! The V neck looked far more contemporary and sexy. The top looked fabulous tucked into Eleanor’s high waisted jeans and the skinny scarf finished off the outfit beautifully.

The skirt was 70% right. It fit and flattered Eleanor but it came too far up her waist which meant she was cut in half by a multicoloured waistband.

We elongated the black of her top by using a black belt around her waist. This emphasised Eleanor’s natural waistline and dropped the skirt so it flared out over her hips and was far more flattering.

Style Hack Alert! If you haven’t got a black belt you can make one using a pair of black opaque tights by wrapping them around your waist and knotting them at the back!

Let’s talk!

What do you think of Eleanor’s conversion? Leave me a comment below and check out the rest of the Converted Closet episodes on my YouTube channel.

If you need any help converting your outfits, send me photos and I’ll give you a few ideas on what you could do.

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