Episode 2: Converted Closet supercycles vintage 1950s dress

8th March, 2019   |   How To...Guides

In Episode 2 of Converted Closet, I supercycle Emma’s huge 1950s dress into a beautifully fitted piece of bespoke couture.

The dress – before

Emma is an artist in Notthing Hill. She spotted this 1950s dress at a charity jumble sale and fell in love with the fabric and shape. However, there was one tiny problem, the bust was ENORMOUS which made the dress completely unwearable. A perfect dress for the supercycling treatment!

The conversion

The skirt fitted Emma perfectly so we needed to focus on the bodice and re-work it to fit and flatter her. There was a fantastic opportunity to make a feature out of the excess fabric.

  • Instead of taking it in from the sides to make it fit, we gathered it in at the middle
  • We created a central seam up the front which gave the bodice a lovely, subtle rouching effect.
  • We continued the central seam three quarters of the way up but then allowed the excess fabric to fan out à la Vivienne Westwood

The dress – after

The finished dress accentuates Emma’s waist, has a lovely flare over the hips, a snug fit over the bust and then a fabulous flourish of fabric at the top. 

So if you have oversized tops or dresses, think about how you could turn the ‘problem’ into a feature by gathering them in from the centre. You’ll have something that will fit and flatter you perfectly – your own bespoke couture!

Send me a before and after photo – I’d love to see!

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