Creating Go-Faster Jeans

20th April, 2022   |   How To...Guides

As seen on the Today Show: If you want to take your jeans from high street to high end, trimmings can elevate them into the designer league. 

And if you want to go a step further, choosing trimmings which match other garments will create a completely unique outfit. For the Today Show, the jeans were trimmed to match the rest of the look.


Applying the Secret of Symmetry, take your lead from the dominant colour(s) in the added shirt fabric and sew on a strip of whatever you like down each leg. It can be really fun to play around.

You could use a strip of the fabric used on the shirt to trim down the leg or even use different colours on each leg which work with the shirt.

Haberdashery works particularly well for trimming the sides of jeans as there are soooo many incredible ribbons out there in a multitude of colours, designs, shapes and styles and they won’t add any bulk.

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