Converted Closet at NYFW

25th February, 2021   |   How To...Guides

Kate showed her collection on the NYFW runway with IMPACT. New York Fashion Week certainly looks different during these difficult times. However, this year, designers are doing their best to bring some normalcy into our lives by getting creative, and using technology to showcase upcoming SSAW 21 collections.

IMPACT NYFW is an alternative, sustainable fashion week charitable foundation, which exhibits designers who are changing the narrative surrounding the eco footprint in fashion. I was delighted to share my collection through IMPACT’s runway. The Converted Closet Capsule Collection showcased the incredible handiwork from past generations to a new appreciative conscious fashion audience. Each piece was inspired by the pattern of the fabric and has taken on a unique life of its own. This
collection was created as a mission to affect consumers mindsets by proving that there is no reason to buy new.

“IMPACT is an alternative, nonprofit New York Fashion Week platform for emerging, sustainable designers to showcase their work in pop-up shops, showrooms, and on the runway.” Each year, IMPACT NYFW brings together designers who focus on sustainability for an annual  show where all proceeds benefit a different eco conscious charity or organization. The SSAW 21 show benefited Remake, which is an environmental fashion organization, creating a community of women who are passionate about sustainable fashion. IMPACT NYFW made sure the audience had a hands on experience, despite not being able to physically attend. Each guest left with a deeper understanding and appreciation for sustainable luxury fashion. All of this to say, converting clothes and textiles already in existence means that we can have our sustainable high-fashion cake and eat it too. Luxury fashion is changing as we know it, and this means converting clothes is becoming the new norm.

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