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Kate McGuire bio

Kate McGuire is a sustainable fashion activist and the founder of Converted Closet. Kate set up Converted Closet three years ago as a platform for inspiring people to convert the clothes they already own, rather than buying new.

Through Converted Closet, Kate has re-branded the concept of up-cycling and launched the exciting new #Conversion movement. As awareness and demand for sustainable fashion continues to explode, Kate’s ‘conversion’ approach is leading the way, providing a fresh, cool alternative to shopping the high street.

An engaging on-camera presenter, Kate has made numerous films showing viewers how to convert their own clothes, as well as reporting from key sustainable fashion industry events on behalf of organisations such as Fashion Revolution and the Sustainable Angle.

By leading the trend for converting clothes, Kate became stylist for Swedish actress Alicia Agneson, star of the History Channel’s ‘Vikings’. Kate brings her unique approach to styling and only dresses Alicia in clothes that are already in existence, never new. By converting vintage and second hand clothes, Kate creates striking, contemporary outfits for Alicia to wear on the red carpet.

Kate is also brand ambassador for My Wardrobe HQ, the luxury fashion rental website, and writes a monthly column for Pscychologies magazine showing readers how to convert their own clothes. She speaks on sustainable fashion panels and is regularly featured in the press, from The Telegraph to the Daily Mail and the Mirror.

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For all media enquiries, please contact Lara Dunn:
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Kate is available for speaking engagements, interviews and TV appearances.

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