Happy HallowGREEN!

30th October, 2020   |   How To...Guides

 Today we are telling the tale of the costumes in the graveyard (aka…the landfill!) We love sharing a good ghost story at Converted Closet. The witching hour is upon us! 

Throwing costumes away is something we may not think twice about…but really there is no “away”, right? Did you know that Halloween creates 2,000 tonnes of plastic waste? And around  83% of materials used to make  Halloween costumes are plastic. 

Nothing terrifies us more than hearing of clothes being made with plastics, but only worn once too? That’s a double fright! 

We have a solution for you: make your Halloween…HallowGREEN this year!

You don’t need to buy new,  creak open your closet doors and   convert the wardrobe staples you already have into  spooky-chic Halloween-ready outfits. 

Don’t have time to cut and sew? Accessorize! Styling is your easiest conversion. From hats, to belts, jewellery, shoes and makeup – they’ll all up the ante for your costume. 

And if you do need a few finishing touches we of course recommend you buy second hand to make your outfit truly HallowGREEN,

Check out our latest Instagram video for Kate’s costume inspirations as she raids her closet and dresses up in the ultimate scream-inducing outfits. @convertedcloset


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