Converted Closet Community Launch on Facebook

6th August, 2020   |   News

We are SOOOO excited to announce the launch of our Converted Closet Community on Facebook.

Our Converted Closet Community will encourage YOU to share with us any conversions you are working on, before and after photos (Please! We love!) and absolutely ANY questions (however simple or complex) you may have about converting your own unworn clothes into something BRILLIANT that you’ll love…and will never want to take off!

We want this to be an interactive and super inspiring place you can visit, which feeds you with loads of ideas from Kate – and brilliant others – to inspire you to convert your wardrobe and create your dream clothes.

Some of the exciting content we will be featuring:

Live Q&A’s with Kate

Close-ups of conversions

Expert advice from Kate

…And loads more!

If there is something specific you would like to see in the Converted Closet Community, please let us know!  We are here to help.

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